Kira Core JSC is a software development company offering a full stack of engineering services 

Our focus is to build decentralized applications and services geared towards greater financial inclusion

Staking as a Service

More than $1'000'000 is currently delegated to the KIRA Staking validator nodes on Cosmos Network and Kusama

We offer deployment of private validator nodes on any distributed network as well as trusted setup for our own delegators

Crowdfunding as a Service

Initial Delegator Offering (IDO) is a new, innovative tool that can help you crowdfund your operations

Our powerfull network explorer and  secure staking infrastructure exposes your investors to minimal possible risks

Development as a Service

Ever wished to create and deploy your distributed applications within the Web3 or Interchain Ecosystem ?

Kira Core provides development services with latest, cutting edge frameworks such as Cosmos SDK and Substrate 

Core Team

Milana Valmont

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Mateusz Grzelak

Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Ethan Frey

Head of Engineering


Our Partners

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